February 2009

When Ain informed me of the stage that Iris will want to crawl down from the bed sooner or later, I never thought it will be this soon! Last night after feeding, I fell asleep right away expecting her to go back to sleep promptly as usual. Little did I realize that she went “exploring” her sleeping place with the only way she could know how, mostly rolling and pushing herself backwards.

I woke up to her voice calling out to me and what I saw was really alarming. One of her chunky leg was hanging from the bed while the other side was at the the edge! She could have fallen onto the floor anytime should I responded later. I quickly grabbed and carried her to the center of the bed and made sure that the bolster was in firm position. She was
smiling, to her that was a game. I guess her words to me then could be either “Mummy, help!!” or “Mummy, look!” When I come to think of it, the former one is very unlikely as she was happy with her “accomplishment” at that material time. Funny girl.

When I told her daddy this morning, he immediately moved the bed to the next room and rearranged the furnitures in both rooms. I have tested, her feet can easily reach the floor properly with only the mattress around. Which means less impact when falling. That arrangement also eliminates the possible hiding places for mozzies.  Later in the evening, I removed the baby bed from the room as well as she hardly utilizes it. That offers her more space to roam
and less space for mozzies to linger around saftely. Mummy no longer has to look under the bed, because there is no more beds in the room!

Now she can play safely on the mattress

Now she can play safely on the mattress

I think it is savvy, although Iris will take some time to get used to the new setting. But she will be fine. Kids can suit easily to changing environment. It is the adults that often have problem adjusting, including me!


Usually after putting her to sleep, I’d check on her occasionally. Is the air-cond too cold? Is the pillow covering her face? Are her feet covered neatly? Is the giant bolster still in position?  Is she getting closer to the edge of the bed? And so many more possible events that give me reason to poke my head into the room now and then.  And usually I never stay long in the room, except for one event: A hungry mosquito hovering over my daughter trying to find a delicate spot it can poke!

It usually takes place after the protective mother leaves the room.

It is a ritual for the mother to stay in the room for a longer period of time once there is a presence of the blood-sucker.  She will then perform moves that requires her to peep under the bed, flip the curtains, sit quietly on the bed with one leg stuck out and these moves may come together with another higher level action: clapping hands.  If the mother is accurate, she will get bloody palms later and if it is not, she’ll have to wait to perform another similar routine until the insect is terminated! However, it is normal for the offspring to get bitten, which definitely causes the mother to perform her ritual harder.  And this time she is more determined.

I usually hunt those good for nothing mozzies under the dim light.  Recently I discover that Iris can actually sleep like a fainted buffalo; she is not disturbed when the light is switched on, which makes the hunting so much easier.  That discovery also makes her nail cutting process  more convenient as I no longer have to readjust the torch light to get a clear vision of the angle I wanted.  Anyway, with the recent development, the number of casualty/mortality  among the mozzies population has steadily increased.  As for Iris, she experiences lesser tiny bumps on her arm or cheeks, which means less scratching involved, and that leads to uninterrupted slumber for my princess.

Like I said, the duty of a mother is never ending.  I just performed a ritual about an hour ago and we have our first dead mozzie, but no red palms.  Poor thing, he died hungry…  As if I cared?

Once again, good nite world.

p/s: Am watching you, mozzie! I’ll squash you if you dare to puncture my daughter!  I mean it!!

I am overlooking the magnificent towers across the hotel where I stay, Quality Hotel City Center.  It’s been a while since the last time I set foot here.  I remember I used to stroll along the pedestrian walkway towards SOGO to K’s office but that was so long ago.  Hmm… sort of walking down the memory lane eh?  Ya, indeed I was.


Anyway, put that aside.  I have more important things to concentrate on. My little melon back in Kuching.  Tonite she will be spending a night with her nanny. I consider myself lucky as I found a very reliable babysitter.  I’d rather pay more than sending her to a nursery which cost half  that what I am paying now but the benefit that I obtain from this arrangement worth so so much more than the gap of the amount.

Occasionally I am required to travel and whenever I need to spend a nite outstation, the nanny will stay in with Iris.  Apart from me, Kak Halimah is the only other person who understands her.  Basically when I am away, my daughter is in good hand and that brings peace of mind.  Alternatively if the schedule permits, I’ll take an early morning flight to KL and come back in the afternoon once my business is done.  That arrangement too, will require Kak Halimah to stay over at our place the night before as I tend to leave as early as 5:00am.  In short, my schedule arrangement must prioritize Iris’ welfare on top of everything else.   And so far, things are working as planned.

I guess Kak Halimah’s unconditional love for Iris really helps us a lot.  She will see that the little melon is not uprooted from her comfort zone to be relocated elsewhere even for a short period of time.  Therefore, leaving Iris with her Mak Wa in Kuching is not a favorable option, nor sending her to my in-laws in kampung.  It is the adult who need to suit to the changes, not her at this very young age.  She still need to see familiar faces and for now, it is her mummy and her nanny the two most stable figures in her life.  The rest just come and go, including her daddy who she only sees on weekends.

Whatever it is, I often discuss the options with her babysitter to work out the most viable solution for all of us.  Basically, the formula is like this: familiar faces must come first, only then she can be introduced to a new environment.  So it is always the best option to let her stay in her “nest”, together with at least one familiar figure.  And also because of her empathy towards my daughter, I treat the nanny like my own family whom I trust and respect, with loads of give and take between us.

Without such bonding between the three of us, I am not sure if I’ll be able to sit right here right now, blogging away in this metropolitan city, for a work trip that I consider a paid vacation.  ;D

See you in two days’ time dearie. Be good and nite nite my little melon.

It has been 7 months now since I have that small “devil” in my life.  My routine changes entirely, my life evolves around hers and yes, she demands lots of attention. She cries when we are outside of her vision, she screams when I pull out that piece of paper that she chews for the past half and hour, she squirms when I dress her up after her bath and she laughs happily when we make silly faces or when I drag her across the living room in her walker.  And the list goes on, yet I feel happy putting them down in writing though it may sound like it is a horrible task to become a mother or that little girl of mine wants to be in the limelight 24-7!

After her nanny leaves at 5:30 pm daily, my shift starts and sometimes I can’t wait for the clock to display “19:00” as she will want to go to bed then.  The indicator?  She rubs her face on my chest furiously.  Cute.  An hour later, after  rolling on the bed, landing on her back and up again and screaming happily with her high pitch voice, she finally calms down.  It is easy to tell when she is finally ready to retire for the day.  She’ll grab her pillow cuddlier, suckle the corner while her eyes are half shut, make this cooing calming sound and finally she is quiet.  She is now in her peaceful slumber.

The entire routine requires half an hour at least, and up to two hours, and each time she needs her mummy by her side.  And by the time she finally calls it a day, I almost do the same.  But first, I’ll have to take my shower, take my dinner and watch the news on TV.  Ahhh… finally some peace and quiet.

Peaceful slumber



Uik? I thought I hear her faint cry.  Guess there is no end to a mum’s duty huh?

Got to check on her.  Until the next post, nite nite world.

Hi! After a very sensible advise from my good buddy, I decided to start this blog dedicated to my daughter and me.  I want to document her developments here; also mine, on how I cope as first time mother.  Hey, who said it is going to be easy?  But it is surely full of surprises and demands patience as well as  sacrifices; loads of them!  And the journey begins…

Hello All!