It has been 7 months now since I have that small “devil” in my life.  My routine changes entirely, my life evolves around hers and yes, she demands lots of attention. She cries when we are outside of her vision, she screams when I pull out that piece of paper that she chews for the past half and hour, she squirms when I dress her up after her bath and she laughs happily when we make silly faces or when I drag her across the living room in her walker.  And the list goes on, yet I feel happy putting them down in writing though it may sound like it is a horrible task to become a mother or that little girl of mine wants to be in the limelight 24-7!

After her nanny leaves at 5:30 pm daily, my shift starts and sometimes I can’t wait for the clock to display “19:00” as she will want to go to bed then.  The indicator?  She rubs her face on my chest furiously.  Cute.  An hour later, after  rolling on the bed, landing on her back and up again and screaming happily with her high pitch voice, she finally calms down.  It is easy to tell when she is finally ready to retire for the day.  She’ll grab her pillow cuddlier, suckle the corner while her eyes are half shut, make this cooing calming sound and finally she is quiet.  She is now in her peaceful slumber.

The entire routine requires half an hour at least, and up to two hours, and each time she needs her mummy by her side.  And by the time she finally calls it a day, I almost do the same.  But first, I’ll have to take my shower, take my dinner and watch the news on TV.  Ahhh… finally some peace and quiet.

Peaceful slumber



Uik? I thought I hear her faint cry.  Guess there is no end to a mum’s duty huh?

Got to check on her.  Until the next post, nite nite world.