I am overlooking the magnificent towers across the hotel where I stay, Quality Hotel City Center.  It’s been a while since the last time I set foot here.  I remember I used to stroll along the pedestrian walkway towards SOGO to K’s office but that was so long ago.  Hmm… sort of walking down the memory lane eh?  Ya, indeed I was.


Anyway, put that aside.  I have more important things to concentrate on. My little melon back in Kuching.  Tonite she will be spending a night with her nanny. I consider myself lucky as I found a very reliable babysitter.  I’d rather pay more than sending her to a nursery which cost half  that what I am paying now but the benefit that I obtain from this arrangement worth so so much more than the gap of the amount.

Occasionally I am required to travel and whenever I need to spend a nite outstation, the nanny will stay in with Iris.  Apart from me, Kak Halimah is the only other person who understands her.  Basically when I am away, my daughter is in good hand and that brings peace of mind.  Alternatively if the schedule permits, I’ll take an early morning flight to KL and come back in the afternoon once my business is done.  That arrangement too, will require Kak Halimah to stay over at our place the night before as I tend to leave as early as 5:00am.  In short, my schedule arrangement must prioritize Iris’ welfare on top of everything else.   And so far, things are working as planned.

I guess Kak Halimah’s unconditional love for Iris really helps us a lot.  She will see that the little melon is not uprooted from her comfort zone to be relocated elsewhere even for a short period of time.  Therefore, leaving Iris with her Mak Wa in Kuching is not a favorable option, nor sending her to my in-laws in kampung.  It is the adult who need to suit to the changes, not her at this very young age.  She still need to see familiar faces and for now, it is her mummy and her nanny the two most stable figures in her life.  The rest just come and go, including her daddy who she only sees on weekends.

Whatever it is, I often discuss the options with her babysitter to work out the most viable solution for all of us.  Basically, the formula is like this: familiar faces must come first, only then she can be introduced to a new environment.  So it is always the best option to let her stay in her “nest”, together with at least one familiar figure.  And also because of her empathy towards my daughter, I treat the nanny like my own family whom I trust and respect, with loads of give and take between us.

Without such bonding between the three of us, I am not sure if I’ll be able to sit right here right now, blogging away in this metropolitan city, for a work trip that I consider a paid vacation.  ;D

See you in two days’ time dearie. Be good and nite nite my little melon.