Usually after putting her to sleep, I’d check on her occasionally. Is the air-cond too cold? Is the pillow covering her face? Are her feet covered neatly? Is the giant bolster still in position?  Is she getting closer to the edge of the bed? And so many more possible events that give me reason to poke my head into the room now and then.  And usually I never stay long in the room, except for one event: A hungry mosquito hovering over my daughter trying to find a delicate spot it can poke!

It usually takes place after the protective mother leaves the room.

It is a ritual for the mother to stay in the room for a longer period of time once there is a presence of the blood-sucker.  She will then perform moves that requires her to peep under the bed, flip the curtains, sit quietly on the bed with one leg stuck out and these moves may come together with another higher level action: clapping hands.  If the mother is accurate, she will get bloody palms later and if it is not, she’ll have to wait to perform another similar routine until the insect is terminated! However, it is normal for the offspring to get bitten, which definitely causes the mother to perform her ritual harder.  And this time she is more determined.

I usually hunt those good for nothing mozzies under the dim light.  Recently I discover that Iris can actually sleep like a fainted buffalo; she is not disturbed when the light is switched on, which makes the hunting so much easier.  That discovery also makes her nail cutting process  more convenient as I no longer have to readjust the torch light to get a clear vision of the angle I wanted.  Anyway, with the recent development, the number of casualty/mortality  among the mozzies population has steadily increased.  As for Iris, she experiences lesser tiny bumps on her arm or cheeks, which means less scratching involved, and that leads to uninterrupted slumber for my princess.

Like I said, the duty of a mother is never ending.  I just performed a ritual about an hour ago and we have our first dead mozzie, but no red palms.  Poor thing, he died hungry…  As if I cared?

Once again, good nite world.

p/s: Am watching you, mozzie! I’ll squash you if you dare to puncture my daughter!  I mean it!!