When Ain informed me of the stage that Iris will want to crawl down from the bed sooner or later, I never thought it will be this soon! Last night after feeding, I fell asleep right away expecting her to go back to sleep promptly as usual. Little did I realize that she went “exploring” her sleeping place with the only way she could know how, mostly rolling and pushing herself backwards.

I woke up to her voice calling out to me and what I saw was really alarming. One of her chunky leg was hanging from the bed while the other side was at the the edge! She could have fallen onto the floor anytime should I responded later. I quickly grabbed and carried her to the center of the bed and made sure that the bolster was in firm position. She was
smiling, to her that was a game. I guess her words to me then could be either “Mummy, help!!” or “Mummy, look!” When I come to think of it, the former one is very unlikely as she was happy with her “accomplishment” at that material time. Funny girl.

When I told her daddy this morning, he immediately moved the bed to the next room and rearranged the furnitures in both rooms. I have tested, her feet can easily reach the floor properly with only the mattress around. Which means less impact when falling. That arrangement also eliminates the possible hiding places for mozzies.  Later in the evening, I removed the baby bed from the room as well as she hardly utilizes it. That offers her more space to roam
and less space for mozzies to linger around saftely. Mummy no longer has to look under the bed, because there is no more beds in the room!

Now she can play safely on the mattress

Now she can play safely on the mattress

I think it is savvy, although Iris will take some time to get used to the new setting. But she will be fine. Kids can suit easily to changing environment. It is the adults that often have problem adjusting, including me!