Today I am here at Putrajaya, scheduled for a meeting later in the morning (it is now 2:41am). I have completed my slides for the presentation, which I doubt can be delivered in 20 minutes time. Anyway, I foresee the most difficult part of the presentation is requesting for more time to beef up the report. I’ll be jumping with joy if they granted an extra one month as the final report was due end of last month and I still need to tie-up loose ends here and there. And I am mentally drained!

I called home earlier today and something new cropped up.  Iris cried when she heard my voice over the phone.  Poor kid. She comprehends better now.  She is more expressive, she has grown up!

Wake up, Lina!  She is only 8 months old!  She won’t know that much!

Or is she?

I’ll check on her tomorrow.