When I woke up this morning, I could vividly hear “blahbaba baa bla babaa babaaa baaaaba…” in the cozy ambiance of the bedroom.  Yep, that little girl has started to utter words that she herself can register the meaning.  She babbles a lot throughout the day, guess she is fascinated with the hitherto abilities of her vocal.  No more screaming on top of her lungs that involves the only  “A” note.  She is gradually adding consonants into her “speeches”.  Although we couldn’t comprehend what she was trying to say, it was music to our ears.  It is anytime better than listening to her demanding cries.


On top of that, we have developed a sign language that both of us agreed on.  When she smacks her lips, it means she wants solid food.  Well, that is only one thing, but at least we are communicating.  However, it is also important to talk to her frequently as if she is an adult.  No infant languages as this is the time when her brain absorbs words fastest.  At the moment, I try to instill our mother tongue (Cantonese) into her daily conversation and hopefully one day she will master the command of that language.


Ahh…. I can imagine us communicating in Cantonese, with a blurred daddy at one side.  Nothing peculiar as that was what  exactly experienced by my dad.  Although his Cantonese is worse than rotten, he does understand a few words enough to reinforce mom’s command/demand when we paid her no heed.

p/s: Hiak Fan – eat rice | Cheng Liong – take bath | Fai Chui – faster!