After letting my daughter stay over with my parents for three weeks last year, it is only appropriate to spend some time with her Pak Nek and Mak Nek in Sri Aman. After all, she is the youngest grandchild and the only granddaughter in the family. Even then her Mak Nek always mistakenly addressed her as “Bujang”.  Fair enough because all her grandkids before this are male.

After several trips, I am getting better at estimating the items that need to be carried for a two nights stay. During the first visit, I brought along detergent, insect repellent, the hammock frame, 3 pails, one full basket of her clothes and another basket for her bottles and milk powder.  Her belongings + mummy’s anxiety really stuffed the car with loads.  I was pretty sure even a cat will find it difficult to maneuver in the car. Now that she is relying on her walker to move about, we added it into the list but gradually eliminating other less useful stuff like the hammock frame that usually occupies  significant space in the short car.

We stopped over at Serian for lunch at Sofeabon and she sat on daddy’s lap. Having a baby with us always draw attention, either other people will look and smile or they will offer to carry her for a while. And being Iris, she loves to smile and responds to others. Most of the time she will be grinning ear to ear showing her two tiny teeth at the lower jaw.  Well, there was this girl at the shop that wanted to hold her so we let her, of course we were observing her like an eagle. Soon  she started to joke around with her other waitress friends in the shop and tried to kick them while carrying Iris.  Our baby was restless and we imagined the worst.  What if she fall?  The scene could be ugly.

Dean immediately went over and took Iris from her. He was pissed off. I was too.  Should anything happen to my girl, I’d definitely punch her and throw her into the middle of the busy street.  If only…  See, maternal instinct can be very dangerous.  So, don’t even think of messing with us mothers!

She slept all the way to Sri Aman and when we reached kampung (located next to the town centre), she was quite pleasant. She didn’t cry nor she was terrified, unlike her second visit there. She was shy at first, and cling on to me like a baby koala but she warmed up fast enough to let her Mak Nek and Usu carried her.  In fact, she managed to communicate with her Uda, who usually pay no heed to others.

The house is so much larger than our home in Samarahan, so she had plenty of space to roam.  She drinks and sleeps better this time.  Previously she refused to feed and she slept with her fists clenched, to me that was a sign of stress. That time we had to shorten our stay from two nights to one night only. I recall her face was beaming once she was brought into the car, knowing that she will be leaving the unpleasant environment.  This time around, she was more adaptive mainly because there was so much lesser people in the house compared to the previous visit.  You can tell that she was comfortable when you hear her laugh and babble in the house.

Iris and Mak Nek

We finally had to head home.  We left Sri Aman on Monday afternoon. The weather was really hot during the first half of the journey and it was raining heavily all the way from Serian and up. We reached home safely and her daddy took a short rest before driving back to Sri Aman that same evening.  So, it was back to me and Iris again. That night she slept much earlier.  Her sleep was peaceful, no interruption.  Finally she is back in her own bed with much comfort.

As for mummy, she was content as well.  The journey was fruitful, she was happy meeting with her parents in law and was able to see how much joy brought by that little melon during her short stay with them.

Same time next week, both of us will be on our way to the airport as Iris is scheduled to meet her other set of grandparents. This time she will be staying with Popo and Datuk in Miri, while mummy is off to KK for her research assignment.  But first, Iris will need to recover from her feverish condition.

Well, that is another stoy to tell.

Until the next post.