The normal temperature of a human body is 37 degree. So what happen when it goes beyond that? One will get feverish and feels really uncomfortable. When a baby gets sick, the mother will become restless as well. Iris was feverish two days ago. Her temperature went up and down, especially after she was given medicine and sponged.

When she got sick for the first time, I was really panicked. I know how to apply sponging but wasn’t really sure about the procedure. Should I use warm water or tap water? Should I let her shirt on or she should be naked? Should the fan be turned on and if yes, will she get too cold that might cause her to get flu? Lots of questions and you tend to be extra concern as not to make the situation worse. Fortunately Kathy (my dear doctor friend) came to the rescue.  Basically the room must be as airy, cover her with a piece of cloth while sponging and make sure areas like the neck and armpit are exposed and sponged thoroughly.  If there is no cooling pads for the forehead, it is necessary to sponge also the entire head.  I cut several hankies into 4, so that I can place them nicely at the bend of her limbs. That will help to reduce the heat faster.  Sponging, coupled with medicine, will put her at ease sooner.

But last nite, I could not rely on sponging and paracetamol alone as her temperature escalated to 38.5 degree even after the two procedures.  And she started to whine, an indication of discomfort.  I called Yuwana for help and soon enough, she drove us to the clinic.  It was 7:30pm and it was drizzling. Iris was quiet, perhaps wondering “where on earth we are going in the dark?” or “yay! Roaming!”.

She was quiet also the when we walked into the clinic. There were not many people and we took a seat nearest to the doctor’s room. Apparently this girl loves to be outside meeting people. A few minutes later, she started chattering to Yuwana, looked around with interest, bouncing up and down and even called out to someone who just stepped into the clinic. She was happy alright and very active. I started to think that both of us may looked sicker than  her. True enough, her heat subside. I guess the medication and the sponging took effect on our way to the clinic.

Dr. Morni was delighted to her (or she was elated to meet the doctor?) and commented that she is a big girl now. She was sitting on my lap during the consultation and the doctor’s expensive thermometer recorded her body temperature at 36.2 degree.  During the short examination, she “chatted” with the doctor, tried to grab his stethoscope and hold the doctor’s arms. She didn’t look sick at all! Nevertheless, the doctor was happy to entertain her.We left the clinic with more supply of medicine, but I forgotten to ask for more cooling pads.  We are down to our last piece.

Apparently the teething process may cause slight fever. I suspect there was various factor contributing to her condition. It could be the change of temperature during her stay at Sri Aman.  Perhaps she was too tired. Maybe she takes after mummy, who tend to fall sick whenever she gets too exhausted.  However lately, I notice that I don’t fall sick easily ever since I had Iris. Could it be my pregnancy actually helped in building up my body resistance?

At home, her temperature went up again and this time it was her head that was heating up slowly. This called for sponging and Paracetamol again. I had no problem making her swallow her medicine although she was resisting eagerly. And because of her constant struggle, we had to sponge her entire head enough to control the temperature and enough to comfort her to sleep.  I checked on her temperature occasionally, and the reading was within the normal range.

Later that night, she woke up for her feedings and I remember what the doctor said. The ability to suckle is a strong sign to indicate if the baby is feeling well or not. Even when the baby is sick, if she maintains her fluid intake, she will be fine. So far, Iris is progressing along that line and her mother is getting better at handling the situation. She is less panicky now.

Mummy is lucky that she has her reliable friends around who are willing to come to assist whenever needed.

This entry is dedicated to Yuwana Podin aka Yiyi (auntie in Mandarin) and Katijar Bibi (Aunt Kathy). Thank you both for your assistance. It really helps when someone else is present at that material time and to know that you are not alone is a great relief.

Thanks again, both. I really appreciate it.