Soon after her bath this evening, Iris was knocked off instantly in her hammock.  But her sleeps seldom expand more than one hour and true enough, after 30 minutes she was already stirring in her very comfortable floating sleeping gear. And I was half way frying my keropok lekor, so I had to resume to my hot and cruncy dinner later after she falls asleep which I believe by then will be flimsy and cold. Anyway, my daughter’s welfare/demand is numero uno now.

To cut the story short, I brought her to our sleeping zone and placed her right in the middle of the mattress, switched on the aircon, placed her stinky pillow right at the corner of her mouth and had my fingers crossed that she will doze off in minutes… I was hoping to get back to my dinner while it was still warm.  However, I abandoned the thought as fast as it entered my mind.  Having to live with her for approximately 9 months and 2 weeks now, her sleeping routine will take at least 30 minutes and this time around I estimated close to an hour.

OK, she was occupied with her pillow, nibbling at one corner, eyes half shut, one leg stretching out as far as she could while releasing that very familiar  “mmm mmmmm” sound.  All were good signs, showing that she will be drifting into slumber land soon.  I saw a bright future of enjoying that sweet, cruncy, hot keropok lekor….. when she suddenly sat up and investigated me with her bright eyes. All those good signs suddenly vanished despite the cozy ambiance of the room. She wanted something and milk was the last thing on my mind as she had her feeding one hour ago.

Nevertheless, I asked “Want mamam? Ma—–mam?”  In response, she nodded vigorously with an adamant look.

As Hong Lim would say, “…I was shocked to my roots!” I was very impressed with this development.  Usually she will just go nodding or shaking her head for no reason.  Shaking her head means YES and shaking also means NO.  And today, she responded to my question in the manner it should be.  I was so elated that I told her daddy and her grandpa in Miri. Of course, that was after her warm milk with a spoonful of Nestum cereal while my dinner, still on the stove, was getting cold…Hey, with this once in a blue moon kind of surprises, a delightful mummy can easily put aside her hunger, right?

Now, should I cook Maggi as well? A packet or two?