Whenever 4yi-po is in town, mummy will be very busy, usually from fetching 4yi and driving her to various destinations in town. Last week, I was assigned to drive her to KPJ for her knee check up since it has been bothering for quite some time now.   It was the specialist’s advice that she went thru MRI as well, so I waited 45 minutes, almost dozed off on the bench.  Plus I was sleep deprived for the past few days, so the hard wooden bench located at the main entrance to the x-ray room was a very tempting sleeping spot. After all, I had no problem sleeping on a wooden bench outside Subang Airport few years back (was stuck there 3 days 2 nites, where else I could go?).  On second thought, better not. My aunt will slap me real hard should she caught me doing that.

After visiting the bakery, we headed straight home and as usual, that melon was waiting. This time she was rather excited that an extra figure came home with her mommy. If only she knew how close that my aunt to me, who is like my own mother. We joke around and tease each other a lot, and she is a good sport.

Before she entered the house, I warned her to stay away from my fridge! My mom and she have this habit of rearranging my fridge according to their liking. In one particular months not so long ago, I remember, my fridge went thru total makeover twice! And since there was no discussion with the owner of the fridge, the new “format” was really hmmmm…. un-user friendly, resulting me to rearrange my fridge all over again! I was adamant to put a chain over the fridge if she intended to lay her hands on it.  WooooOOOOO, sounds dramatic!

The best thing about 4yi coming over for visit is that she always bring along the special vegetarian “Chang” from Sarikei. It is second to none, and full of aroma. When I had this supply of chang, I took them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I could eat them 3 days in a row without growing tired of them because THOSE CHANG ARE REALLY GOOD! But since she had moved to Saratok, I hardly had the chance to taste those juicy, aromatic, full of texture Chang again. Sigh… However, I have no issue letting her open my fridge to store the Chang. It serves my interest as well so if that is the only concrete reason for my beloved aunt to touch my fridge, so be it.

Iris had a fine time with her. She warmed up easily to her 4yi-po, probably because she resembles her popo in Miri. Maybe they have this kind of smell that runs in the family, and it so happen that only babies under 1 year old can detect it?  Or maybe my daughter is friendly, therefore there is no problem for her to mix around with others? I’d prefer the later one. Sounds less harmful to me.


When she’s happy, I am happy. That night, she slept so much later than usual. She becomes active at the presence of another person in our tiny nest.  Like I said before, she loves attention and she figured out that attention from two individuals shouldn’t be wasted.  She was in her best “performance”, showing off all those little things she was capable of.  And when she was eventually dragged into the room, she was knocked out almost immediately as if I had given her half a tablet of Piriton.

Finally, I can talk to my aunt in peace. We shared stories as usual.  By then, our conversation didn’t manage to stretch far as we were too tired and eventually we floated into dreamland.

Still, she is forbidden to touch my fridge even in her dream.

This entry is dedicated to my 4yi who guided my a lot in my life. She means a lot to me. I won’t become what I am today if not because of her. Thank you.