I received one email this morning that contained a video that displays how a maid abused a toddler (age 3 I suspect) while under her care. The video was recorded by a hidden camera placed by the parents obviously to monitor happenings around the living room.  What they saw at that material moment was really heartbreaking and might release the most ferocious Satan from a devoted believer. She was caught red-handed and I hope she didn’t get unhook easily.

It started with this maid preparing to feed the little brother when this poor child entered the room perhaps requesting for something. Instead of entertaining to her need, the evil maid kicked her away! She flung onto the floor, faced down, and then again repeatedly kicked and stepped on by the person who was supposed to protect her.  The maid didn’t stop there.  She pushed the child in her attempt to stand up, she fell down again and received additional several kicks as bonus. With such attacks, the child must be terrified and bruised heavily.  Towards the end of the video, you could actually see the child was rather disoriented.  You don’t know if there is internal injury.

I hope the parents punished her hard. So hard that she regretted she ever applied to work as a maid. If I were the parent, I would have slammed her head on the wall, give her a few blows of punches that she will never ever forget in this life, and throw her out for good. But that of course will land me into jail.

The most rational thing to do is to confront her, lodge a police report so that she will thrown into prison and I’d pray really hard that her female prisoners will molest her.  Then she is screwed up big time.

Note: This platform (this blog) is sacred to me. Therefore I didn’t include the video here.