Today marked Iris’ 8th travel by air. We were travelling on MAS from Kuching to Miri. Again, it was for work purpose. I make it a routine to park my daughter with my mom and dad whenever I have to travel north.  The trip before this was a month ago, I was assigned to KK and I lost count of how many times I travelled solo with her. For the first trip I remember, I specifically bought a baby carrier hoping that I will ease our movement. The result, traveling was relatively convenient but I suffered backache and shoulder ache for several days! That was the last time I used it. What a waste of good RM! I could easily purchase a fat and juicy goat with that kind of money.

That explains why for the subsequent travels, I carried her in my arms and switching her from hip to hip. And that girl is not shrinking, she has grown so much ever since her first air travel when she was only 2 months old. Now her size doubled and the last reading on the weighing machine recorded 9.5kg. So, how does it feel to carry a 9.5kg baby?  Imagine carrying a bag of 10kg rice… That is the load that you have to bear.  A pleasant load, definitely  🙂

I wasn’t sleeping the night before as I was rushing to finish evaluating a group of tasks given to my students and they were eager to know their carry marks. And there I was in the airport, red eyed, fatigue, drowsy, kinda floating and at the same time negotiating my daughter. Despite all that, it was a BIG relief to have that load taken away from my shoulder.  I don’t owe my students anything now.

So, an hour later, we were in the aircraft, making ourselves comfy at seat 20C. And 20A as well as 20B. Yay! It was not a full flight which means I can lay her down to sleep on the seats instead of utilizing my lap which is already too short for her lengthy body. My happy bubble burst halfway thru the journey. The flight usually takes 1 hour and she will sleep during the first or second half of the journey. However this time, she decided to greet everyone: left, right, center with her loud noise.  She screamed, cried, smiled widely at those strangers who sometimes return the smile. As for those who chose to ignore her, I felt like spanking them for playing deaf. After all, my daughter made it clear to everyone that there is a noisy baby girl in that vicinity.

Today’s flight was somewhat extra “long”.  Partly because I was tired, and Iris on the other hand, utilized her energy at the fullest. It was like she absorbed adrenalin from the atmosphere for immediate usage. Every time when I made her lay down on the seat, she will protest with a long off pitching scream. Obviously, she was not annoyed, instead she enjoyed every milisecond of the “tune”. In an AF scenario, she’ll be among the earliest to be kicked out.  Pray hard she has good look so that she’ll survive longer in fake academy despite the horrible singing. OK, you got me there.  I am not a big fan of AF and will never be.

Finally the aircraft landed and people were gathering stuffs to disembark the plane. Iris was less noisy then. She was observing her surrounding with full of curiosity. She was losing her audience, as if.  I sat and waited while other passengers passed us. And then one makcik said “is she the one who made so much noise?” and another chipped in “she can really tahan ah, no need to sleep one…”.  I hurried off the plane. That’s it, I am bringing plaster next time!

As we strolled towards the arrival hall, she was again excited at the flow of the other human beings with us. I did mention that she loves attention, ya?  So she screamed and greeted everyone left right and center again for the second round. She was saying Hi to a chap behind us but he pretended his name was not “Aahhh… aaahhhh!”

It was a great relief when I saw my mom outside the arrival hall, anxious to meet her grandkid. I passed Iris to her as usual, and went back inside to collect our luggage. We have two separate bags, mine is brown, the bigger one and hers is blue, slightly smaller. Both are Polo made. She is stuck with that bag until she enters Uni. Until then, any demand or pleas for pink, fashionable, overpriced Barbie luggage bag will not be entertained.

I’ll be glad if she decided to go for backpacs like her mummy. I am saving my maroon, fake Adidas made for her. Alahai, kesian anak aku!