For almost a year now I stopped playing my two favorite racket games. My heart and soul was used to be badminton until I discovered a new passion: squash. The reason being so was because I can play this game anytime of the day; not to worry about the weather. The court is FOC and the ball lasted for at least 6 months for a price less than RM10. Although the initial investment was rather pricey but that was only one time. Whereas badminton, you need to book the court (the one in Uni is always occupied with exams and functions) and a tube of good shuttles cost about RM60 and each shuttle lasted 2 games at max. We did invested on cheaper brands (Cap Ayam) but they either shoot like blind rockets or go distorted in a funny way. We saved money, yes but that spoiled our mood. You tend to spend more time cursing the balls and regretting about the “bad investment”. After several trials on different brands, we decided on one specific brand that required us to pool money almost every time we hire a court.

Another reason for the migration was because it was difficult to gather enough quorum to play badminton. It is a fast game and looking at our age factors, we could not last so many games like it was in our younger years. To utilize the hired court at its fullest, we need at least 6 persons to come together, otherwise the court will be left vacant for a while as the players were too tired to drag themselves onto the court. Squash only requires 2 person to execute, however the shortcoming is that it is not a very popular game so you’ll need a regular partner. I had two regular kaki (YP and Pang) until I had this small monster, who made me her regular “kaki” for every occassion.

The Borneo Game for badminton is coming up in June and I was asked to take part in the selection round scheduled tomorrow. The phone call was two days ago and the notice was extremely short. Coming to think of it, I still won’t be able to make it if the call came in months before solely because my little partner needs tending and there is no way to bring her to the court during those games. She’ll be either crying because she wants her mommy, or the environment is overwhelming and I definitely do not want to put her in that situation.  The game can wait for another year, and am sure the team will be doing fine without me. In 2007, I didn’t participate because I got married and was due for a conference in Banjarmasin; in 2008 I was heavily pregnant with Iris and this year I had to decline again because my new role doesn’t give me an advantage to do so.

I am not crossing out the game or any games that may come along in the future. It will be nice to be in my running shoes again burning all those fat effortlessly but for now it has to wait. After 5pm, I am her father, mother and nanny. Therefore, like I mentioned previously, my daughter’s needs is my top list priority.