Approximately 10 months ago when I annouced my pregnancy to my mom, she was totally excited with the development.  And her anxiety was overwhelming.  She started to call me occasionally, sometimes several times a day to enforce the do’s and don’ts during pregnancy on me. According to her, the first 3 months was quite critical so I had to be extra careful. It is interesting to revisit the list of pantang my mom gave me, plus a few others I acquired from my friends. Here goes:

1. Do not raise your hand high as it might affect the baby inside. It is believed that it can cause miscarriage if you are not careful.

2. Any attempt to renovate the premise you are living in, or to put nail on the wall should be put on hold until the baby comes out.  The actions associates with ‘changes’ and you don’t want the baby’s position to shift.

3. Do not take too much heaty stuff. The baby might come out ‘yellow’ or what we know as jaundice.

4.  Don’t take too much cooling stuff either (ie: honey) as that will cause the baby to have weak lungs or catches pneumonia.

5. I was forbidden to change the arrangement of my furniture. That also associate with ‘changes’ which is not good for the pregnancy. Thank god I had limited furniture and they were in reasonable positions when I found out about this pregnancy.

6. Take lots of soya bean drink and tofu if you want the baby to come out fair. I don’t think the rule applies to all… You know what I mean  😉  I believe Iris inherits the fair skin from her daddy

Interestingly, there are few ways for us to “see” the sex of the baby.  Basically one can save that RM70 for the scanning, and approach anyone who is an “expert” (in this case Mr. Edrow Barin) to help identify whether the baby inside carries XX or XY genes.  The most popular technique is to look at the shape of the belly. If it is roundish flat, most likely the baby is a girl but if the belly is round but rather pointy, then it is a gentlement inside there. To me, every belly looks the same but to those who are good will be able to interpret more that what is on the surface: perhaps more or less like someone who knows how to choose good watermelons?

Boy or girl?

Boy or girl?

When I visited Norizan’s family who lives a few row away, her 2 year old son immediately ran towards me and gave me a big hug. I was stunned as I never met him before this.  According to his mother, that is a sign that I am carrying a girl. Opposite fields will attract each other, like magnets. Obviosly that boy was drawn to my unborn daughter inside.  A little girl, on the other hand will give negative respond to me.  I recalled when Amei next door (in Miri) was terrified of me when I was pregger.  It is either because of the same charges will reject one another or I was so huge that she took me for strolling whale that is going to land on her anytime.  However, this happens very rarely and not every kids respond the same way.

Oh ya, another worth knowing indicator is that when a mother grooms herself, it is definitely a girl in there. Angah (my good friend) was messy when she was carrying her first born. Jeans, t-shirt and selipar jepun was her attire to work. Contrary to her, I was not myself! I started wearing attire with bright colors, ribbons, lace and suffice to say, I was totally girlish!

After giving birth to Iris, I was back to my casual mode.

OK, these interesting findings wraps up this entry. There are more to come, I just need to find time to publish them here. Until then, bye bye world.