Yesterday marked our second wedding anniversary. Deen decided to take leave for that special day (I’d like to believe so!). When I asked him about it (the reason for extending his stay), he mentioned about having to negotiate unsettled matters — duh! Anyway, he left for Sri Aman this afternoon.

SooooOOOOOOOOO, what we had for the special occasion? Nothing much, neither of us believe in buying gifts or flowers for each other but it was still a remarkable day.  After dropping Kak Halimah at the ferry point, the three of us went to tapau dinner.  Something strike me that day, I decided to buy chicken rice from one of this stall in Warung 2000.  I haven’t been there for a while now, obviously it is not my fav eatery spot.  Used to prefer J&J until recently I discover that the food quality has dropped. So, it’s time to give myself more options.

I ordered Lemon Chicken Rice and believe me, it was good! It was so good  that I went again today to tapau exactly the same thing! Since I am on a mission to reduce carb intake, the small portion of rice doesn’t bother me. The stall owner was generous with the chicken.  The thigh was well fried (you don’t see bloody joints like in other places) and the price was reasonable. RM4.00 for a pack of delicious chicken rice. Superb! I am definitely going back there tomorrow.

The only shortfall is that there is no vege included — perhaps replaced by the tasty LEMON sauce. Darn, I forgot to take the picture!! That absent mindedness suggests how good the nasi ayam is!

So did we make candlelight dinner out of that two packs of nasi ayam? No, we didn’t. Iris was too busy demanding for attention so we had to take turn entertaining her.

It was a memorable day, because the three of us spent time together. Eventhough we didn’t go to any fancy restaurants, or buy each other special gifts, the presence of her daddy really meant a lot to us. Plus we need to save money to install grille and mosquitoes netting for the kitchen’s window.  At least we utilized the money to get something useful and more permanent in nature. With those installed, I can open the glass panels and let the night breeze in — that will cool the air in this small hut.

The added security and reduced internal temperature is definitely something special enough to mark our second year together.

In fact, I almost forgotten about yesterday.  Too busy with work but it is good to know that my husband remembers it.

I guess I am lucky because my husband too, didn’t want to make a big fuss out of it.

However, Iris’ first birthday celebration is a big thing to me — June 25th. Trust me, I am counting the days.