Killing those mozzies are so much easier now — thanks to that electric zapper Deen got from Everrise.  Cost him RM20.00. Unfortunately I damaged the outlet for its charger (no battery required).  Need to get a new one soon before the remaining power runs out! It is good to eliminate flies and langau too!


Iris did her major business today and her daddy volunteered to clean her up. That requires wiping away the “residue” off the entire butt, washing it and a nappy change. However during the first process, she was squirming and almost touched her own waste. Daddy was moderately furious and smacked her thigh slighly hard.  She erupted and sounded very pitiful AND looking for her mummy (yay!). It lasted for 5 minutes and after tasted that tiny “medicine” she stayed obedient until a fresh nappy was put on her. Daddy was quiet after that, feeling guilty for penalizing his daughter when she is still so pure.  Said sorry repeatedly at her little ears before he walked out from the door.  It’s Sunday, he need to drive back to Sri Aman.


Tomorrow is her Grandpa’s  (Miri) birthday.  Hopefully I will be first child to wish him longevity. Does it really matter, being the first or the last?  Not at all, it is the thought that matters.


I have finally manage to put aside my anger towards one person whom I consider very selfish, irresponsible, big opportunist, drama queen, FAKE and materialistic!  She can disappear from my life becoz she is so insignificant to begin with and my life still sails smoothly without all those plastic appearance she is trying to portray.  Sorry dude, I will be dragging myself down to your level if I kept feeling abominate towards you because you are really not worth it.  This entry closes the chapter.  No more second time, you scumbag.  For once, lead an honest life!