Organized Iris’ birthday party 5 days earlier to capture the weekend as that is the only time my parents can make it.  They are both retired but my mom now is the CEO of her own home-based company.  We had a great time. Almost 30 ppl turned up.  I was not happy at all with the cake. Peeps, Secret Recipe is not a good place to get your kid’s birthday cake.  Limited designs, plain white fresh cream, un-neat workmanship and not presentable for birthday celebrations that need more vibrant and color.

The peak event for the day: my money got hitched from my purse! I think it is a good RM200+ which I intended to save in Iris’ account. I hate that person, I curse that person and if you have touched my daughter in any way, worry not, I have given her a good bath so that your filthy habit will not spread into her pure soul.


June 22-23rd: Attended the capacity building workshop for young academicians held at Grand Margherita. Resourceful facilitators, sincere in pointing out our mistakes and it was a great deal of experience to have our papers “vetted” by these top guns in the field of social sciences. A total of 14 papers were presented, grilled and dissected for improvements. My paper (co-written with Gina) was overhauled, yet it was accepted to be featured in the bumper issue of Akademika published by UKM and IKMAS.  That piece of news lifted up our motivation to another level and we are determined to get it ready within the dateline given.  The door is opened for us — it will be a wasted if we decided not to step in.


Aaaahh…. Iris was officially 1 year old yesterday and we had a small party to mark it. I called my small circle of friends to witness that memorable event and my daughter was exceptionally happy with the presence of this small crowd. They were all familiar faces, except for Amber Ann whom she got clicked almost immediately. Amber Ann is a reliable big sister who loves TV. I had fun, mainly because I got the chance to sit down, eat and chat with my dear friends. Iris was so excited that the moment everyone left our house, she cried for milk, eyes half shut while I sponged and changed her. She fell asleep immediately the moment I positioned her in her usual spot on the bed.

Happy birthday my dearest. Be good and mummy hopes you will grow up smart, diligent, independent, charming, resourceful, kind and reasonably strong headed like Elena and Yuwana yiyi, Aunty Gina, Asmah and Jamilah and also like your mummy. And do take after Andrew’s intelligence and his courage to fight for the right cause.

We love you a lot! Muwaahs!!