From the first day of her arrival in Miri, she was overwhelmed. She walked non stop, explored every inch of the massive house (from a baby’s view of course) and perhaps to understand the functions of things that are foreign to her.  Like Aida said, guarding her is like attending one gym session and that day, we “attended” 3 gym sessions.  Adrenaline rush for the baby and the adults, it seems.


So many things to explore... And her favourite is playing "cliffhanger" from the coffee table.


Big house, with lots of space to roam or to play with other kids.

After her bath, Deen and I settled for our dinner.  Iris was left wandering between the kitchen and the living room.  The two spaces is separated by a door (must be hardwood) and soon after, we heard a thud. There a moment of silence before she erupted and the three of us (my mom was doing the dishes) rushed to the scene.  True enough, she banged against the door panel and that caused swelling on the left part for her forehead.  My father on the other end, was fuming with anger and accused us being negligence.  Anyway, I do not wish to elaborate further.


This is the spot where she fell.

We applied some “magical”  ointment  onto her forehead. For those who are not aware about the history of the magical ointment, it was purchased by my 4yi from China, with a handsome price and she accidentally left it in Kuching.  Lucky me. Hehe.

The swelling didn’t subside overnight.  Only after 4 days, it vanished and left some sort of dry skin (that eventually peeled off) from my girl’s forehead.

That was a big lesson for all of us.  Kids will always fall, no matter how much we guard them.  The magnitude of emotion expressed by grandparents are often overwhelming (to some extent – extreme), thus we need (sometimes) to disregard the unnecessary them.  And kids at that age, do no learn.  They climb, fall, cry – and then climb again, so long it makes them happy.  It doesn’t change even if we penalize them.  Therefore, I am now trained to have watchful eyes and preempt the unintended consequences.  It is basically logic, spiced with lots of love and affection.