It usually starts with high fever, followed by running nose and after a few days of the normal routine, calm and peace, jeng jeng jeng….  Rupanya ada udang di sebalik mi.  The symptoms started on Friday (25th Sept)

Because of the high fever, I couldn’t proceed  with our plan to fly back to Miri that Saturday morning.  It won’t be wise to make her travel when she hasn’t fully recovered.  She also had sniffles.  We had to go back on Monday instead.


Arrived in Kuching safely. Whenever it is just the two of us, I'll make her sit in the trolley while I collect our bags from the conveyor belt.

At Kuching airport, we were greeted by Elena and she ferry us back to Kota Samarahan.  At home, Kak Halimah was expecting us and the common routines resumed.  On Wednesday, I noticed some sort of red marks on her waist but I brushed aside any suspicion as they look very much like nappy rash.  Some rashes (very minor) developed on her neck, some part of the arms as well but again, to me they could be insect bites.

On Thursday evening, Iris had red rash all over. I didn’t like the sight of it and I was partly mad because I was not notified earlier.  According to Kak Halimah, it was “jerumut” and I shouldn’t be worried because it happened to her kids as well, and she is already used to it.  “Ok……” I thought, “I don’t have 6 kids, this is my first time, thus I am PANIC!”

Jerumut is the kampung name for Measles and the initial symptoms are high fever and running nose.  There are certain pantang larang about jerumut.  Some say one cannot be exposed to the wind, no bath when the rashes are still visible, drink coconut juice to force ’em out (it is not good to contain them) and my mother in law asked me to apply perfume on the rashes (huh?).

I did neither, but I did turn off the fan and at one point while waiting at home for 7pm (Dr. Morni’s clinic opens at 7pm), she was very restless.  I applied calamine lotion on the rash.  I was frustrated with the entire situation – never fancy dealing with something that I hardly know about.

We waited for a while to get to see Dr. Morni.  First he checked her legs to observe if the measles are there.  Once it reaches the legs, it is a sign of complete development – there is no need to consume coconut juice.  The duration for a full manifestation of measles is about 7 days, starting from the day of the fever.  I only realized the whole thing when it was about to end.

So, how to handle the situation?  1. Apply calamine lotion now and then to ease the irritation.  2.  Give anti histamine to reduce the itch.  3.  Sweating will aggravate the irritation, so put the fan on (siapa cakap tak boleh kena angin?!! No wonder she was crying like crazy) or better still, aircond.  4.  Make sure she takes lots of fluid.  We didn’t give her bath for one whole day, until the rashes subsided.  We sponged her instead.

By Friday evening, the rash were almost gone and on Saturday, she was measles free.  However, when I related the incident to the staff at Dr. Kong’s clinic (on her scheduled vaccination), the nice lady told me it couldn’t be measles as Iris has received a jab to prevent it.  The real measles will bring high fever at the peak of its development (which I suspect during the full-blown stage).  What she experienced was  a “fake” one.  Hmm… Ada ka fake measles?  I’ll dwell into it later…

Until the next entry, bye!

Visit this site for detailed information about the actual measles: