November 2009

Been wanting to get away from the normal routine at home, and at last managed to proceed with the idea two days ago.  For the first time, we landed ourselves in a place that is not associated with home or families — Nah, we didn’t fly to KL, decided to go Damai Puri instead (formerly known as Damai Lagoon). The rate is RM253 (nett), slightly higher than the normal rates that I usually pay but what the heck, we don’t always get to do this…

Let me start with our supposedly short journey.  It took us almost one hour longer, thanks to the massive traffic jam at Satok.  The reason for the jam?  One Kancil owner had the cheek to ram his/her car into a police patrol car and the scene occupied one lane of Satok bridge.  In fact, we were moving so damn slow that Iris had the chance to “take over” the wheel for about half an hour without the common “ehh.. Iris….! JANGAN!” from her daddy.


Co-pilot turning pilot...

The moment we inched away from the accident scene, we zoomed towards our destination located at Santubong.  As we pass through the familiar route, I then realized that Semariang has changed so much.  New commercial centres are now occupying what used to be vacant lands, and I had a glimpse of the single storey semi-D that I had to let go several years back at Kuching Family Park.  If only I still hold that property, I’d be nuts having to travel THAT kind of distance to work daily.  Betul-betul gila.

Before arriving at the hotel, we were “detoured”  because none of us could recall the route to the hotel.  Fortunately we managed to find the right exit and 20 minutes later, we arrived at the hotel.  The whole journey took about 2 hours.  We were given a room with a sea view (only that the closer view was a rock formation and some chalets).


The rock formation just outside our room

We didn’t waste much time, as it was almost 3pm and the rain finally stopped.  It was drizzling the whole day. Made Iris change into her swimsuit and introduced her to the pool.  Damai Puri has a very good water park that is divided into two sections (darn! I didn’t take any picture!) and we started with the deeper one, which measures at an adult’s waist deep.  Iris loved the water, didn’t have trouble going into the water albeit the slightly cold weather caused by the drizzle.  The pictures explain her maiden experience in the pool.  After 30 minutes, her small body was shivering and we had to wrap her with a towel.  Even after her warm bath, she was still chattering and for the first time ever, she snuggled up to me to get warm.  Poor kid!


"See? Daddy got me these..."


Daddy: Iris, wear this floats... Iris: No! No!


She had a splendid time. Hehe.


Another happy moment with daddy.


"Bye bye pool..."

After bath and a short rest (and my little girl refused to sleep), we proceeded to the beach. By then, Iris already got the idea of what “walk walk” is all about. I removed her shoes so that she gets the feeling of what walking on the sand is like, or how excited it is to be hit by the incoming waves. I like the beach, I like waves and it is no surprise that my daughter loves them too.


Daddy's girl...


She is going all out when hitting the waves...


One of the two pictures with mummy.

We have no regrets coming here and surely we are coming back again. The vacation would have been perfect if the management of Damai Puri took extra account to ensure that the pillows and towels are odorless – the towels contain heavy bleach smell and the pillows/case are not entirely dry therefore they project one kind of unpleasant odor.  However the housekeeping department were quick in making the change after one phone call.  That night, we retired early and had a really good rest.


"Good nite, people...."

At the back of my head, I aimed to let Iris play in the pool before we head home.  Must make good use of the facility and the money we invested, said I.  Hehe.   The weather on Sunday morning was nice and warm.  After breakfast, we headed to the pool one last time before we bid the hotel and the friendly staff “sayonara”.  This time, she was not shivering as the heat immediately took over the chill.  We stayed more than one hour and my girl had a marvelous time running around the ankle-deep pool and socializing at the same time.  And as anticipated, a long wailed followed as her daddy carried her away from the pool while mummy tailed behind.

I didn’t take long to pack.  By 10am, we were making our way to the counter when Iris was mesmerized by a school of Koi.  Stopped there for a while to let her play with the “pish”.



One hour later, we left the hotel compound feeling content, happy, tired, satisfied and hoping to come back again.  I don’t know what is on this little girl’s mind but I am sure she is happy as long as mummy and daddy are around.


We have a longan tree at our backyard.  Gina gave it to me as my house warming gift.  From the day I planted it, the tree refused to grow taller than it original height.  In fact, it was very thin, yellowish and seemingly under-nourished for about two years.  “Hidup segan, mati tak mahu” is the best description, and I was so inclined to uproot it because it doesn’t serve any purpose at all.  Too small for shade, too big for pots and definitely too young for fire woods. Hehehe. Gina, jangan marah aa.


The pathetic longan tree on the right (serai at the background). Ignore the equally thin model who was proud with the similarly thin pandan plant.

Deen on the other hand, was more optimistic, but it was me who noticed some activity underground.  Ants went in and out from the ground where the tree is planted and I suspect the is building a colony at the roots and thus, the tree was in such a pathethic state.

We terminated the ants first by giving them baits that will slowly kill the entire colony once consumed.  The plan seemed to work as several months later, new shoots started to sprout one by one.  Over the months, with constant TLC by Deen, the tree grew larger, greener and healthier.


The happy daddy pointing nowhere near the flowers.. Hehe.

Last week, one remarkable thing happened: it started to flower!  It was such a joy for all of us, but Deen was the happiest.  Iris pun tumpang happy jugak.  Most probably  she was unsure of why the daddy was so happy but I guess she was equally delighted seeing happy faces around her…


Next project: To revive the unhealthy curry leaves plant.


But first, need to educate the young ones to appreciate nature...

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I like scribbling them down.  Until the next entry, chiaow!

Last weekend, I allowed my little one to play with water (using water hose) at our porch.  It was unintended actually, and it all started when she threw up on the rattan mat and the stench was unbearable.  I had to put it outside that night and decided to make the washing a mother-daughter activity the following day.  She had lots of fun spraying the water around, however not very helpful when I asked her to direct it to the foam residue.  What started as an activity supposedly for the two of us ended becoming a water spree event participated by one baby, a three-meter water hose and some unfortunate worms or bugs that came in her way.

_water spree3


_water spree1

"Where is that bug? Come out, come out wherever you are..."

_water spree4

"Ahah! There you are!"

The parent-daughter activity resumed later in the evening, this time it was a father-daughter event, ended up as a sandal cleansing activity over and over again.  She was happy, and extremely tired and as a result, went to bed super early that night.

_water spree5

"Dudududuuuu.... duu...."

Do you notice my fake Crocs she’s wearing?  Hahahaha… Hilarous!

_water spree6

The environmentalists will definitely condemn me for this...

There are several occasions when my daughter wakes up in the middle of the night and cries on top her lungs.  After having on and off experiences, I can split them into three categories; terrified, “nightmares” due to happy or unhappy experiences earlier in the day and the last one on the list: congek.

There was only one occasion when she woke up terrified.  Earlier that day, I brought her to stroll along a man-made lake located not far from our place, when she was less than a year old.  It is a popular spot for avid joggers, remote control boat lovers and students who are on cloud nine.  That day, I decided to follow the track until the end, which I regretted later because it was too long.    I dreaded the walk but Iris was extremely happy and by the time we finished, it was already sunset.  We hurried home.  Ever since young, I was told not to stay out during that time as that is the time when the “unseen” starts to roam around.

That night, I managed to put her to sleep as usual. A few hours later, she woke up crying, which I thought was triggered by the excitement of seeing her daddy after a week long of his absence.  It took us one hour to pacify her.  The following night, she cried again about the same time the day before.  This time, I suspected something amiss.  I recited Qursi into her ears.  She calmed down and went back to sleep the moment I finished.  That somehow confirmed my suspicion and after that, we have this routine of reciting certain verses from the Quran before she goes to sleep, to protect her from unwanted disturbances.  It works well until now.

The congek category started when her daddy missed his weekly visits one weekend and during that entire week, she went around the house murmuring, “papa.. papa..” repeatedly.  Her daddy finally came last weekend and the moment the little one saw him, she erupted as though she was releasing all the contained feeling during the entire week she misses her papa.  The cry lasted for almost 2 hours.  We had to succumbed to her demands in the many attempts to pacify her and if it worked, it was only temporary as her crying came and go.  She finally stopped when she grew too tired from the attention seeking effort.  The similar routine took place the following day as well, and she seemed to enjoy it (despite the crying) as her daddy would try to fulfill everything she “craved” for.  Alahai, anak bapak…

Yesterday, it was our maiden trip to the playground located at Halaman Samarahan.  We don’t frequent that lake anymore because there are many spine-chilling stories about it.  We had a great time at the playground.  She loves everything about the place and I knew she was content because she didn’t resist when I took her home.  At home, I bathed and tucked her to sleep at 7pm.  By 8pm she was still awake and suddenly she cried non-stop until she vomited.  Luckily I had a towel ready to “catch” it, lest I had to do extra laundry that very night.  I couldn’t catch what she wants except for the part that she wants to go out, but that is totally forbidden!  Siapa la nak keluar main, hari dah gelap sayang oi?? I guess she enjoyed her too much at the playground that she carried it to her sleep.  When she finally succumbed to her tiredness, I could feel the burden on my head was immediately lifted.  Whew!! Please don’t mummy a hard time tomorrow, darling…

p/s: I don’t mind her crying her heart out during the day.  But at night, such cry is a nuisance especially when you have adjacent neighbors who are in the midst of their very much deserved rest.

It is not my routine to check available sales in Kuching every weekend.  It is Elena’s.  And usually early Saturday morning I will receive text messages from her informing which departmental store has price slash on Dumex milk powder that particular weekend.  Three weeks ago, I agreed to let her get 6 packets on my behalf at Everrise 4th Mile, as that outlet had extra special promotion.  Me on the other hand, purchased 5 packets from Everrise Kota Samarahan at RM18.90 per packet.  The usual price is RM23.20 and to me that was a very good deal.  During the last promotion, I “borong” 10 packs (priced at RM19.90)  and it lasted for two and a half months.  My total saving for that specific purchase was RM33.00.

The following day, Elena brought in my other stock, together with some very nice free gifts.  I got a M-sized t-shirt and a booklet titled “Warna”.  Thanks a lot, Moi!  Iris utilized them that night.  These pictures speak for themselves. 🙂


"Baju saya hijau katak pisang..."


"Dua tiga kucing berekot, Manakan sama si Tatu sekor..."


The front view of the t-shirt.

I seldom leave the light on at the porch as it attracts insects and lizards to either drop dead or leave their droppings on my 7-year old Wira.  However, these few days I had to lit the porch as I was kinda spooked by the dark surrounding outside (thanks to one film I watched during Halloween on AXN.. crap!).

Anyway, I couldn’t stand the sight of the waste on top of my vehicle and therefore I decided to spray my car with water just enough to get rid of the filth.  Iris was observing me during the entire process and suddenly she was pointing to my car and uttered something like “ kah”.  At first I thought that was a question and suddenly I realized that it was “cuci car…”  Wow! My daughter put two things together in one sentence and it actually make sense!

Is that a good milestone?  I don’t know but I am totally elated with this development of hers.  Well done, darling!