It is not my routine to check available sales in Kuching every weekend.  It is Elena’s.  And usually early Saturday morning I will receive text messages from her informing which departmental store has price slash on Dumex milk powder that particular weekend.  Three weeks ago, I agreed to let her get 6 packets on my behalf at Everrise 4th Mile, as that outlet had extra special promotion.  Me on the other hand, purchased 5 packets from Everrise Kota Samarahan at RM18.90 per packet.  The usual price is RM23.20 and to me that was a very good deal.  During the last promotion, I “borong” 10 packs (priced at RM19.90)  and it lasted for two and a half months.  My total saving for that specific purchase was RM33.00.

The following day, Elena brought in my other stock, together with some very nice free gifts.  I got a M-sized t-shirt and a booklet titled “Warna”.  Thanks a lot, Moi!  Iris utilized them that night.  These pictures speak for themselves. 🙂


"Baju saya hijau katak pisang..."


"Dua tiga kucing berekot, Manakan sama si Tatu sekor..."


The front view of the t-shirt.