I seldom leave the light on at the porch as it attracts insects and lizards to either drop dead or leave their droppings on my 7-year old Wira.  However, these few days I had to lit the porch as I was kinda spooked by the dark surrounding outside (thanks to one film I watched during Halloween on AXN.. crap!).

Anyway, I couldn’t stand the sight of the waste on top of my vehicle and therefore I decided to spray my car with water just enough to get rid of the filth.  Iris was observing me during the entire process and suddenly she was pointing to my car and uttered something like “cu..ci kah”.  At first I thought that was a question and suddenly I realized that it was “cuci car…”  Wow! My daughter put two things together in one sentence and it actually make sense!

Is that a good milestone?  I don’t know but I am totally elated with this development of hers.  Well done, darling!