We have a longan tree at our backyard.  Gina gave it to me as my house warming gift.  From the day I planted it, the tree refused to grow taller than it original height.  In fact, it was very thin, yellowish and seemingly under-nourished for about two years.  “Hidup segan, mati tak mahu” is the best description, and I was so inclined to uproot it because it doesn’t serve any purpose at all.  Too small for shade, too big for pots and definitely too young for fire woods. Hehehe. Gina, jangan marah aa.


The pathetic longan tree on the right (serai at the background). Ignore the equally thin model who was proud with the similarly thin pandan plant.

Deen on the other hand, was more optimistic, but it was me who noticed some activity underground.  Ants went in and out from the ground where the tree is planted and I suspect the is building a colony at the roots and thus, the tree was in such a pathethic state.

We terminated the ants first by giving them baits that will slowly kill the entire colony once consumed.  The plan seemed to work as several months later, new shoots started to sprout one by one.  Over the months, with constant TLC by Deen, the tree grew larger, greener and healthier.


The happy daddy pointing nowhere near the flowers.. Hehe.

Last week, one remarkable thing happened: it started to flower!  It was such a joy for all of us, but Deen was the happiest.  Iris pun tumpang happy jugak.  Most probably  she was unsure of why the daddy was so happy but I guess she was equally delighted seeing happy faces around her…


Next project: To revive the unhealthy curry leaves plant.


But first, need to educate the young ones to appreciate nature...

Hope you enjoyed reading as much as I like scribbling them down.  Until the next entry, chiaow!