Last weekend, I allowed my little one to play with water (using water hose) at our porch.  It was unintended actually, and it all started when she threw up on the rattan mat and the stench was unbearable.  I had to put it outside that night and decided to make the washing a mother-daughter activity the following day.  She had lots of fun spraying the water around, however not very helpful when I asked her to direct it to the foam residue.  What started as an activity supposedly for the two of us ended becoming a water spree event participated by one baby, a three-meter water hose and some unfortunate worms or bugs that came in her way.

_water spree3


_water spree1

"Where is that bug? Come out, come out wherever you are..."

_water spree4

"Ahah! There you are!"

The parent-daughter activity resumed later in the evening, this time it was a father-daughter event, ended up as a sandal cleansing activity over and over again.  She was happy, and extremely tired and as a result, went to bed super early that night.

_water spree5

"Dudududuuuu.... duu...."

Do you notice my fake Crocs she’s wearing?  Hahahaha… Hilarous!

_water spree6

The environmentalists will definitely condemn me for this...