During the 7th month of the pregnancy, I was asked to monitor the movement of the fetus inside me, and to record them into a chart known as the “Fetal Movement Chart”.  The idea is to document movements by the fetus (at least 10 times) and to record the time of the 10th “kick” in the chart.  After going through the routine for about 2 weeks, I can somewhat conclude that Iris is rather active in the morning till mid afternoon and we usually finished our “checks” around 4:30pm.  If the kicks are less than 10 by 8 or 9pm, I should panic and flee to the hospital immediately.  So far so good!

I took a long leave and flew back to Miri on the 8th month. The reason for the early departure was because I was forbidden to fly during the last 4 weeks of my pregnancy.  It is a normal procedure applied by airline companies and being a good citizen (and of course to avoid a bumpy road trip back to Miri), I obliged with all the paper works that somewhat assured the airline company that my baby was not going to pop out in their air craft.

Back home, I continued with the routine and everything seemed well for about two weeks.  As my belly grew bigger, I felt more and more like a walking tent, godzilla and a whale in one.  One morning after doing some marketing with my mom, I couldn’t feel the active movement that I usually had.  Usually by noon, at least half of the box in chart are checked but that morning, only one box was ticked.  Extremely worried, I told my mom who later suggested we went to the hospital just to clarify my anxiety.  After one hour hoovering around the labor ward (and witnessing a mother who was about to give birth), I was finally in an examination room.  Some ampiflier were placed at my belly to monitor the heartbeat of the fetus, and the procedure took 45 minutes.  Through the speaker, the heartbeats were vivid and steady.  Great, she is OK in there.

After receiving positive remarks from the doctor, I was pacified.  I thought I could pack and go, but the again, I need to comply to another procedure.  Since I reported something that I knew later termed as “low fetal movement”, I had to be admitted for observation. Alamak! Masuk wad free free aku… Apparently the GH is nothing like a private clinic.  Any complaint that came through the counter, once entertained (althought OK) will need further monitoring, at least for one night.  While the rest of the patients in the Maternity Ward was in there because they showed sign of delivery, I was admitted because I was impatient and worried over nothing.  At times, the baby will be “lazy” and because of increasing size, there will be less room for him/her to kick freely.  Thus, the impact will be lessened and mothers should pay attention to other sort of movements. Plus, it wasn’t 8pm yet and I should wait until then before I decided to get jumpy.

More to come…