Two weeks ago as I was getting ready for work, my babysitter (Kak Halimah) voiced her concern about Iris’ refusal to take milk.  It seems that her milk consumption is getting less and less.  No wonder the milk supply lasted longer last month.  Ok, that is not a good reason to celebrate… I was concerned too, I knew the reason yet I sheepishly asked why aaah?  That was when I took life in my own hands.  Stupid respond.  Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

It started after I introduced Milo Kurang Manis to my daughter.  I stocked up two dozens of medium-sized pack for her at home (stashed in the store room).  At first, it was only a pack a day, two months later escalated to two packets daily.  I thought it was OK to give her Milo because “Minum Milo anda jadi sihat dan kuat, remember?” The peak of the intake was recorded in Miri, when both me and my dad piled up the green packets at a place visible to those ever-exploring eyes.  She asked for “Num-Num” every time she passes that “magical” shelf.  Don’t ask me why we gave in. We were not as adamant as she was, esp. my parents (easy to point fingers; bearing in mind that it was her MOTHER who started it). As a result, her milk consumption dropped and the trend remain unchanged on the day we flew back to Kuching.  No matter how much I wanted to give her “Nenen”, she preferred her “Num-Num”.  Alahai…

Milo aka "Num-Num" (Source:

I anticipated some kind of respond from Kak Halimah on the first day she came after our long break.  Sure kena punya, and I waited. Nothing came from her until a week later, and it was triggered by my idiotic respond. Her words were something like this:

“Yalah kitak ya merik nya minum Melo (her kampung style of pronouncing Milo).  Bila nya udah cerik rasa kuat macam ya, ney nya maok minum susu agik…  Nemiak tok, makan ya sik berapa penting gilak.  Yang penting tok, SUSU nya…..  bla bla bla…”

And something on the importance of formula for babies….

Plus how difficult it is to give Iris milk now… Really need to persuade her so that she drinks…

And the final point, don’t give her “Melo” anymore…

So, I stopped her Milo supply, hoping that she will fall back into her previous routine.  However, it was no cold turkey treatment.  We still put a scoop of Milo into her formula.  Sometimes we use a tall cup and straw, instead of a feeding bottle – to create a sense of difference just to motivate her to drink more (although it means that we have to clean the rattan mat more frequently now).  The strategy shows little progress but at least there is some positive signs.  As of yesterday, her milk intake improves, although not much.  On the brighter side, there will be no morning nags for me, at least for now.

p/s:  I was not offended when Kak Halimah preached at me that morning.  She was worried about little Iris.  As an experienced mother, she is not afraid of saying the right thing.  I appreciate her for her boldness and because of what she did that morning, I knew (as I have already noticed some time ago) that her affection for my daughter is genuine.  Suffice to say, she is the best thing that happen to us.