I am a thrift spender.  I am so thrifty that I often borrow the faculty’s camera for work cum leisure and the camera will always in my possession for months.  During the last raya haji, I brought the camera back to Sri Aman, and the memory stored the footage we captured at Damai Puri.  Iris like the footage a lot.  It was about her running around in her blue swimming attire, and it never bore her despite playing it over and over again.

That first night in Sri Aman, she couldn’t sleep and grew very cranky. Cried a lot and I was afraid that she would wake the whole street.  Our attempts to pacify her went futile until I shoved her the digital camera and she handled the gadget like one shouldn’t. The next thing I know, the zoom lense got jammed halfway and I couldn’t get it back in no matter how much I pressed the on/off button.

There were two options, to repair and if that doesn’t work, I’ll need to replace the whole unit. However, with the faculty’s procedure I couldn’t simply buy another camera and replace it because it involves inventory and stuffs.  I kept my fingers crossed that the first alternative didn’t fail me.  Brought it to Sony Service Center and the repair cost was RM250.00, which I accepted gladly, and a week later, it was all fixed.  As good as it was never jammed.

That incident taught me a lesson not to pinjam-pinjam things anymore.  If you can afford it, get yourself one.  Whatever that happen to the camera later, if you sent it for fixing although it might cost you RM1000, it is still yours.  Even if you have to replace it, the item is still yours.

With that in mind, I decided to invest in something more advanced that the model I usually handle, but less complicated than a DSLR.  Hence, I purchased a Sony HX1, a bridge that falls in between a compact and a DSLR.  It comes with sweeping technology that allows me to capture panoramic images with a glide.  Sweeeeeet.

My new found love: HX1

Iris is forbidden to lay her hands on my recent investment.  “Can see, no touch” is the best expression and she is currently in terms with the policy.  Good girl.

Sorry folks, this entry’s ending is rather abrupt because I am rushing to get home.  Anyway, tata for now people.