Amanda is 2 years older than Iris and she lives next door.  Every morning she calls out to “Irish” and my girl will respond with only the last syllable of her name “..da!”  Amanda is taken care by her grandma, whom I believe at times, worries about how I handle my daughter’s needs and wants.  For instance, Iris wants a dip in her bath tub on a hot sunny day at the washing area (located at the back), I do let her and she can play like crazy in the tub only for about half an hour before applying psychological blackmail on her (I threaten to lock her out if she refused to leave the tub. Works every time!).  Nenek, on the other hand, doesn’t allow Amanda to have that kind of excitement for she is afraid that her only grandchild will fall sick.  She asked me once, “Tidak demamkah Airis kalau main air macam tu?” (Won’t she fall sick playing water like that?).  From my experience, quite unlikely, Nenek.

Amanda at the background. Before this picture was taken, she complained to her grandma that Iris took her hp (notice one blue item in her hand?). Hehe, kids!

Talking about getting ill, I am very thankful that Iris is often under the weather because of teething, and not because of other reasons.  Of recent count, she fell ill once after a jab from the clinic, flu (that one time because she caught it from Mat when she was 4 months old and it lasted for 2 weeks!) and some fake measles because it is time to get a dose of it?  Whenever I sensed a sign of flu, she is given liquid piriton immediately to prevent the sniffles from evolving into full blown flu which often coupled with cough – which to my strong suspicion that she won’t like it a bit.  Neither do I.

p/s: After her 41 degrees condition several months back, the experienced me remained calm when her fever hit 39 degrees last week (teething again, arrrgghh!).  It seems that those teeth are the real culprit all the time.  Therefore, when it comes to something external like a dip in the tub or spraying water like mad; mummy tends to be more flexible.

Anything to make her occupied so that mummy can grab a quick lunch (usually over the weekend) while watching her princess wasting good resources.  Thank God nowadays it is raining cats and dogs in Samarahan.

Whoa… it’s 2:28am. Need to join Iris in bed.

Till the next entry, Happy new year peeps… This goes out to Apek @ Arang Road: “Gong xi gong xi gong xi ni…”