1. When it comes to bottle feeding, mama will use a fresh bottle every time, ie: washed and sterilized.  Papa tends to stick to one bottle a day, wash it minus the sterilization, and the prepares the milk.  Perhaps this is one way to minimize the usage of bottles and therefore limiting the number of washing and sterilization at the end of the day. Tak faham aku!! Botol banyak-banyak dalam bekas, nak jugaaaaak pakai botol yang satu tu!

2.  When it comes to administrating medicine, papa often gives up with a single NO from Iris. Mama on the other hand, will force the thing down her throat, one way or another, because Mama doesn’t take NO for an answer. I’ll show the little one who’s the boss in this house. Makan ubat!

3.  Papa is always the good person and Mama is often the bandit.  Mama offers punishment while papa talks nice and gently.

4. When Iris refuses to come back into the house, papa will apply smooth talking and to some extent, has to force her back in. Mama on the other hand, the moment the little one says NO, she will close the door and her junior will voluntarily comes in because she refuses to be locked outside. See, you need to threaten them psychologically to get them do things your way.Ya ya, you lose your freedom the moment you’re born… I get it.