Finally after 2 broken promises due to unavoidable circumstances, my brother brought his young family back to Miri.  The journey by land took 10 hours which I believe was rather taxing for my two nieces – Lya (2 years old) and Arinna (4 months old).  However my worry was proven baseless when they reached Miri at 6.00pm on last Wednesday (March 18th), very much in the comfort of their daddy’s CRV.

Lya in Miri

Me and Iris joined them three days later on a super early flight – scheduled at 7.00am, which forced us to leave the house at 5.30am.  Thanks for my girl’s obsession for the word “jalan” or “lao-lao”, we had no trouble reaching the airport on time.  We arrived on schedule, greeted by my dad at the arrival hall and later reunited with Lya and my brother.  I have reminded him to use the most expensive car to fetch us.  Ceh, berlagak betul… 🙂

In the car, Lya and Iris were eyeing each other.  That was the first time they met, so I asked Iris to salam with her cousin who is 3 months her senior. Her extended hand was ignored.  Perhaps Lya was still shy.  They did exchange smiles several times but chose not to talk to each other along the journey.  My father who is always happy with Iris’ presence, did the talking most of the time and Iris occasionally responded “Sayang Atuk” to him.  Anak aku nie pandai beli jiwa rupanya… 🙂

Once we reached home, both kids jumped out from the car, with Lya  chasing after Iris who was too busy running towards her Popo.  My bro’s precious tried to be friendly by hugging my girl from behind and patted her back, and I could sense that Lya likes having companies scaled down to her size.  Ice breaking session ended with a huge success.

"Mana itu buah limau??!"

According to Pian, it is super difficult to persuade Lya to take bath. Iris on the other hand, loves water and she had her moment when I asked her to dip in the basin filled with warm water.  Again, Lya followed us to the bathroom and observed Iris with lots of interest, to the extent she squatted next to Iris’ basin just to study her closely as if she was a pink chimpanzee.  I asked her if she wanted to bath as well, and she quickly agreed, much to my bro’s surprise.  Since Lya is bigger, I gave her the basin and Iris was transferred into a pail. Both kids had great time and my bro was also elated as he was relieved of one task for that day – in fact, Lya took bath with us most of the time VOLUNTARILY!   🙂  (Note: Will ask Pian to furnish the pictures later)

That night, my parents and Pian sat at the porch after dinner, watching them running around in adult-sized slippers.  I was halfway out when I heard very familiar cry.  Apparently both kids were chasing each other with Iris leading, who later did an emergency brake.  The other girl who was behind, obviously still in momentum, crashed on top of her and the smaller one was pinned underneath. Luckily the adults came to the rescue – pacified them and not long after that, resumed their chasing game as if nothing happened.  The beauty about kids at that age is that they don’t hold grudge against each other.  They willingly forget without the forgiving part, perhaps because they are still naive about the concept of wrong doing, penalty and forgiveness.

Lya: Kaki ko kecik, jadi ko pakai yang itu okay?

Still playing together after the "collapse"

So where about is Ani in this entry? She was busy tending to Arinna’s demand, and thus she couldn’t make time to participate or witness the activities or events that involved both Iris and Lya.  Regardless the limited mention of her in this entry, she is a very significant member of the family 😉

I guess I should conclude this entry here. Part 2 will follow suit if I can find the time to document them.  With my pending tasks, it is inappropriate to spend too much effort here.  Plus my students are expecting their carry marks, thus I have an obligation to fulfill.  Although it is never mentioned out loud, I can sense their “demand” in the air as if they are transmitting telepathic messages to me…  Spooky.