This entry will be really short because I hate to recall the details.  So why am putting them in words?  Because I think it is hilarious to relate this entry to the earlier one titled “How I Got My Sony HX-1” because I lost it about half a year after I purchased it! Arrggghhh!!

I went to Singapore for “vacation” with a friend from Uni and after several shots at Orchard Boulevard (amongst others The Shaw Building where P. Ramlee established his fame), we decided to rush back to the hotel to prevent ourselves from being charged extra due to late check out.  To shorten the story, we wasted half an hour trying to figure out which bus to take, or which side of the building we should wait, and after futile attempts, we hopped on cab. I guess I was already too tired and therefore as I hopped out from the cab (didn’t take the receipt! Bodoh! Bodoh!), I didn’t realize that my precious was left on the car seat.

I was already at the S’pore – Johore bus terminal at Queen Street when I discovered that it was not inside my backpack. Had to rush back to the hotel, only to be informed that the cab driver actually went back to the hotel, left some details (taxi number and stuff) and expected me to call the Lost and Found Department.  Pretty hopeful, I called the number and was informed that the number provided was incorrect. I guess he decided to keep the camera the moment he wrote his first letter on that piece of paper.

Anyway, I am quite over it now, can’t deny that I was pretty mad at myself but once a while, we can’t help but to act out of carelessness or stupidity. In this case I entitled both, and therefore I am taking my time to look for the replacement.

I hope the cab driver fails to look for its battery charger in Singapore! Arrrghhh!! Bye bye darling Sony. You are my first camera but you are definitely not my last.

My lost camera (Image source:

My lost camera (Image source: