(This is a very much delayed post.  Took place when Iris was 1 year+)

My aunt flew in to Kuching mid of last month to attend a course at Hotel Grand Continental.  We agreed to meet up Monday evening after work and Freda joined us for the meeting.  We started the ride at 4pm.  Traffic was OK except for the long queue at Simpang Tiga, otherwise we could have reached the destination 15 minutes earlier.  Along the way, Iris was sometimes behaved very well, several occasions not and more frequently squirming and wanted to come to my side of the wheel.  Thank God Freda guarded her well.

In the hotel, she was excited with her first experience going into a lift.  I can’t remember my aunt’s room but our supposedly short visit didn’t end there.  4yi insisted of going to Parkson and later to McD for Dinner.  I could imagine the hassle of bringing Iris to those places but then again it may be good to let her experience night outings.

To cut the story short, Iris was running around in Parkson, sat on the floor, touched the mannequin and was extra friendly with the pak guard.  Freda was always on her tail, holding on to her hood.  Both of them reminds me of Boo and that blue hairy creature in “Monsters Inc”.

With 4yi-po at Parkson, Kuching.

With her very young Auntie Freda.

At McD, all the adults washed their hands but none of them remembered to wash the baby’s hands.  It was already too late because the little stomached her first chicken nugget quickly (apparently she was starving).  Crap!  I bet she swallowed all the germs and bacteria together with the yummy nugget.   Thank god she didn’t experience anything unpleasant after that.

Moral of the story: Adults too, make mistakes and tend to be very forgetful when they are short of carbs and sugar.  Hence, bring hand sanitizer at all time!  My fav brand is Protex.   The product smells nice and gentle to the skin.

Source: http://www.catchoftheday.com.au