Hi again.  It seems that I am trying very hard to keep up with the postings as I have so much to cover.  During the one and a half year dorman period of this blog, many things have taken place.  I am just trying to figure out how to put them all in while ensuring that the upcoming events are up to date.  At the moment, everything is jumbled up – which reflects what is happening in my coconut now.

31st January marks the official day of Iris starting school in a foreign country.  New country, new system and different kind of people.  We woke up early that day and I packed her half a sandwich and a small mandarin orange for snack.  And of course a bottle of water.  School hours was purposely made shorter during the first two weeks to allow children to get used to kinder and to be away from their parents.  I think it is smart as children are not forced into their new routine.  It starts with two hours during the first week, gradually increasing to four hours the second week and from then onwards, the full five hours.

Let’s have a look at the girl who couldn’t wait to start school.

All set for first day at school. Yeeeeeehaaaa!

All set for first day at school. Yeeeeeehaaaa!

It is compulsory to bring a hat that covers the neck as the kinder adopts the sun-smart policy.  Every child is required to wear hat and sunscreen when they are outdoors.  Suffice to say – no hat, no play.  We bought the hat at an Asian store, costs us $2.50 and she loves it to the core. Bagus, maintenance tak tinggi.

It was her daddy who picked her up that day.  It is a must to sign in and sign out every time we send and fetch her.  The verdict?  She was very happy and extremely looking forward to go back to school.  However, someone cried during story time because she misses daddy and mummy.  Title of the story: “Why do you love me?”  Laa… Patutlah hujan. 🙂