On January 4th, I rushed into the train at Oak Park station without properly touching on.  It was so happen that three inspectors were doing their checking on the train and I was reprimanded for traveling without a valid ticket.  The procedure is supposed to be straight forward but because I didn’t have any kind of evidence on me (at that material time) to inform them that I reside at our current address, they needed to attest if I am who I am by extending a phone call to Deen.  Of course, I could follow the conversation because it took place right before me.

The inspector asked Deen to state the following: (1) My name (correct); (2) My date of birth (this one took a while but he got it correct); (3) My year of birth (he failed to supply the correct year – so I asked the inspector if my husband made me older or younger??!).  The inspector smiled and said to me, “don’t worry mam, he got the date right so I think he is not in trouble.”  Ohhhhh, he is already in trouble!

Anyway, I am supposed to wait for a notice from the Department of Transport – chances is that I might get a fine or I can be spared (depending on the severity of the offense).  So I waited, and waited and waited and waited and waited and waited until one month or so…  Nothing came.  So I assumed I was pardoned probably because that was my first offense, I am still new in this country, yadda yadda…  Mana  tau, this arrived today!  The highly anticipated letter has finally landed in our mail box.  Yay, I have scored the most “intelligent” way to lose a significant amount cash!  How much? AUD207.00 if I settle the due by next month.   ( T _____ T )  That is equivalent to 4 sets of Corelle dinnerware! 

Why?? Why??!!

Why?? Why??!!



(Update):  Settled the fine yesterday at Glenroy Post Office.  Although it is mentioned in the notice that I can appeal to reduce/waive the fine, I was certain that I am not going to do that because I followed some thread online regarding the procedure and chances is high that I need to appear in court in order to decide the fate of the appeal/my pocket.  Naaaahhh, too troublesome – settle it quick – get it done and over with.  Perhaps, rant about it on this blog just to let out some steam.  Chooo choooooooo!!  I pledge that this is going to be only time I give away good cash due to my ignorance.  Insya Allah.  And that is why I seriously wait until the pedestrian light turns green every time I cross the road.  Better to be safe than sorry.  Sayonara peeps!

There, paid the fine. It's all settled.  Let's not have a second time, no?

There, paid the fine. It’s all settled. Let’s not have a second time. Amiiiin.