I travel to uni by train.  Since we have decided to reside in a suburb predominantly because of  the more affordable rental, traveling to uni requires more time; about 40 minutes approximately to reach my department at Bouverie Street.  That is an estimation on a good day.  In the event of train service delay, it took nearly an hour, more unhappy faces and more rantings regarding poor train services on MX by the end of the day.  Fyi, MX is a tabloid paper distributed for free to train commuters on weekdays.  🙂  Here’s a sample of the tabloid and the link to its site: http://www.mxnet.com.au/

This is what I am referring to... A must read for many commuters at the end of the day.

This is what I am referring to… A must read for many commuters at the end of the day.

What can I say about my commuting experiences on Metro?  On school holidays, I tend to encounter more unpleasant journeys because of insensitive school kids.  In proportion, you may have a handful of them but their disturbing behaviors can disrupt the whole car.  The worst I have seen was a group burning paper on board.  Laughing out loud like a bunch of mad hyenas, kicking the train door, cursing and playing videos out loud are only the occasional disturbances that I have witnessed thus far.  The more frequent ones are people talking loudly on the phone, playing music on their headphones loud enough for others to hear and “sharing” conversations with the rest of the train.  By default, I will take out my earphones and start listening to my kind of music, strategically to kill the disturbances outside.When I first arrived in Melbourne, I was “amazed” with the commuting behaviors portrayed in this city.  Almost 80% of the commuters will have their earplugs on.  At first, I thought that people just want to submerge in their own space despite how small it is on the train and playing their music is their way to enhance it.  Now, I do believe that some of them are forced to do so (having their earplugs on) just to get by – like myself.

In this postmodern individualistic society, we can’t expect people to address the disturbances directly with the person(s) who cause them.  Some of us choose to attack them as an anonymous.  Sending their rant to the tabloid is the best way to do so.  For this purpose, MX is highly significant.  Oh ya, lately Metro is frequently under fire.  Have a look at the recent rant on MX:

Metro was under fire on yesterday's MX.

Metro was under fire on yesterday’s MX.

Now that school holiday is over, the journeys I counted are significantly more peaceful.  Metro is contemplating to set aside quiet carriages IF the experiment on Vline offers positive results.  Apart from having quiet carriages, lets also set aside carriages for loud insensitive passengers.  They can kill each other with their twisted definition of “freedom of expressions”.  On that note; hey Metro – it’s time that you send plain clothes inspectors on the train to reprimand commuters especially youngsters who turn our journey into riding hell.  If your inspectors can tangkap a quiet commuter like me, it should be peanuts to apprehend those displaying anti-social behaviors openly.