It is now 11:10 am – so, good morning everyone!  🙂

Iris decided not to go to school today as she had sniffles and a little bit of cough – which I think is not severe enough for her not to attend school.  Can it be she purposely making them up so that she doesn’t have to go to school?  If the reason is latter, then there must be some reasons behind it.  It is important for a child to know that he/she must always tell the truth and to tell the truth.  We can gain a child’s confidence by listening to what he/she has to say, digest the information and respond to them.  Kids appreciate it when we listen.  Most importantly, we shouldn’t brush away what he/she said at the first instance or telling them that they are making up stories.

So, I asked why she refused to go to school and she responded with a sniffle and one or two coughs – they sounded genuine but like I said, I think they were not serious for her to miss school today.  Again, I asked her if anything unpleasant took place when she was at school yesterday?  Barulah kawan buka cerita…  Apparently one of her friends was coughing at school yesterday and he was informed by the teacher that he shouldn’t be at school if he is unwell.  I don’t know the severity of his cough.  Probably it was bad that the teacher had to advised him.  Upon witnessing the incident, Iris may have computed that “coughing is bad” regardless how severe or mild it is.   Therefore, the though of being “told off” by a teacher (just like what happened to that friend) is not entirely appealing to her.  OK, I’ll give that a pass and monitor her condition later today.  What I know about my daughter is that occasionally she will experience sneezing and slight cough in the morning when it is cold and they disappear by the time it gets warmer.  Coincidentally, it was rather chilly this morning and she was affected.  Maybe.

According to the information booklet provided by the school, parents/guardians will just need to give the school a call if the child couldn’t turn up that day.  No medical certificate is required to attest our claim (if health reasons is given).  We did just that, and found out that several children have called in unwell that day.  Oh. Anyway, her teacher (Rosanna) is looking forward to see her tomorrow and extended her regards to Iris.  🙂  I am happy that we are dealing with very nice and well trained staffs.  No wonder the teachers are well loved by the kids.  And by the parents as well… 

Perhaps the drastic change in the temperature could explain this – we had warmer days (above 35 degrees) for 3 days consecutively (Saturday, Sunday and Monday) and on Tuesday (yesterday), it plummeted  to 22 degree!  I guess in the attempt to keep up with the crazy changes in the temperature, the body system experiences some kind of “hiccups” which may explain the coughs and runny nose.

Hmmm, I can see that the sun is out now.  I need to check if Iris’ sniffles and coughs have subsided.  I am pretty sure that she will be fine – but just in case, my inner voice says “Na, go check on her!”   Until the next entry, bye everyone!

Update:  Called home to check on her 5 minutes ago.  She is fine.  The supposedly runny nose has stopped running and the coughs magically disappeared as the temperature escalates.  See, it was the weather after all.  I need to explain to her when I get home later.  Chioaw!