Last Saturday, we decided to accept Dr Rahaman’s invitation to go to a festival dedicated to Malaysian culture and delicacies.  From what I remembered, the event was jointly hosted by the Federation Square, Australian Multicultural Foundation, Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia and some other sponsoring partners.  Anticipating that it is going to be difficult to locate a car park at the CBD, we decided to park the car in front of my department at Bouverie Street, where we caught a tram at Stop #3.  The journey ended at Melbourne Central as a small segment of Swanston Street was blocked (didn’t check for the reason behind it) and we had to walk nearly one km to Federation Square which located across Flinders Street Station.

The festival was OK – there were performances and about 12 stalls were located at the terrace of Yarra River.  The delicacies ranged from sweet to savory and spicy varieties, priced between $5.00 – $12.00 per set.  Din purchased a packet of nasi lemak and a satay set (consists of 4 satay, cucumber and nasi himpit) for a total of $20.00 – mahalnya!!  Crazy expensive!  I purchased a packet of pasembur for only $5.00 which I was quite happy with – because there were sections of a big prawn embedded in the fritters.  I should have gone to get my second and third helping, hoh?  Iris finished a piece of roti canai, much to my surprise as she is a picky eater.   Maybe she was hungry as well and I was glad that I got it for her whe she requested it (oftentimes, her requests are not genuine – she wants something because the color is nice and the presentation is good but if she doesn’t like the taste, the item is all yours).  She liked the roti canai much that she decided to save a small portion “to be eaten at home”.  OK, that is the message for mummy to start learning how to make home made roti canai, and I am planning to start this weekend.  Let’s see how my girl likes it.

Take care y’all!


Demo101: Cara-cara makan roti canai :)

Demo101: Cara-cara makan roti canai 🙂  See that small portion in the last picture? She wanted to tapau it for home.