I didn’t mention that the weather was not entirely pleasant on the day we went to Malaysian Food Fest (16 March 2013).  It was tad gloomy characterized by showers that came and go.  To shelter ourselves, we entered the Australian Center for the Moving Image (ACMI) located at the center of Federation Square.  There, we learned about the history and evolution of movie making technologies.  Iris was attracted to the Kinematoscope which is a device that holds “…a series of still stereographic images with chronologically successive stages of action were mounted on blades of a spinning paddle and viewed through slits. The slits passed under a stereoscopic viewer. The pictures were visible within a cabinet, and were not projected onto a screen”.  (Credit: http://cotteesblog98.blogspot.com.au/2013/01/kinematoscope.html).  This is how it looks like (courtesy of http://tanjatheawesome.com/capricious/?p=148).

Guess what? We had a go in the time slice cubicle – time slice is the technology used to produce moving images that was so significant in the film “Matrix”.  The cubicle was equipped with camera from top to bottom (I can’t remember the range between them) that enables the film maker to create the movements and trajectories we saw on the “Matrix”.  Here’s a link to the output of our little “experiment”: http://www.acmi.net.au/timeslice/Timeslice.htm?file=ts-20130316-271e7d4efd187a729a959f69634f46d1.flv And this concludes our entry today. Bye bye.