Occasionally I will cycle to Oak Park train station. It is located 1.2 km from our home and cycling there takes about 5 minutes. To be honest, I cycle because I feel the need to exercise knowing that my lifestyle has been very passive since I had that pumpkin.  Even then, I dread cycling to the station because the first bike we is a mountain bike purchased from a friend for $30.  It is rather heavy and not really suitable for riding on the road due to greater friction attributed to the wider tyres. More friction means more power to pedal and more power implies lagi cepat semput lah Lina oiii….

Anyway, it all changes when hubby picked up this road bike (as shown in the pictures below) during spring cleaning this year. It was roughly in April because people in our suburb are ‘allowed’ to start chucking out unwanted household items in April, according to a schedule determined by Moreland City Council.  This wonderful bike was disposed at the kerb near the entrance of our unit.  In fact, we used to see it tied under a car parking shade of a unit in front of ours.  Hence, when hubby saw it outside, he immediately recognized the bike and brought it home.  True enough as the saying goes, “one man’s trash is another’s treasure”.

It is my treasure now because I ride it frequently to Oak Park train station.  I love it because it is designed for riding on the road – with slimmer wheels and faster to ride.  It has a Moreland City Council sticker on it.  Based on my tiny research of the bike’s history, it was given out for free in 2008 under the “O’hea Biketown Project”, a flagship program to combat climate change at the grass root level.  

As soon as we got the bike, we fixed the wheels and I changed the seat to the ‘fatter’ type.  This new seat is gel padded for extra comfort.  Then, we invested in a better bike lock, as well as a set of LED bike light and reflector.

Riding a bike to the station means less waiting time for public transport (meaning, I could get home early), I rarely need to rely on hubby to send or pick me up from the train station (save on the car petrol) and perhaps a fitter me.  I feel less exhausted now compared to when I started to ride to the station. I feel healthier as I breath the fresh morning air and riding the bike gives me a sense of freedom… Wow, that’s deep! Anyway, I have a big plan for this bicycle. We have decided to bring it back to Kuching.

Cycling is a delightful family activity.  We normally cycle around the block and someday we might cycle down to Merlynston train station for the bike track that connects to Coburg Park. We even talked about cycling to the video rental store, but we have yet to fulfill that – though it is certainly more manageable than cycling down to Merlynston station….  She is one strong girl, loves outdoor activities and always eager to go on the bike.  We’ll make this happen okay, Iris?  Insya Allah. And for now, let’s be happy to travel on two wheels to places nearby, shall we?

Yes? Good girl.  

Cycling is a delightful mother-daughter activity.

Cycling is a delightful mother-daughter activity.