Hi! This morning I went to Queen Victoria Market to get these souvenirs for my respondents. Got about 200+ of them and six fridge magnets for my sister in law.  The key chains cost $10 for 5 packets, and I bought 35 packets in total.  I was contemplating between the clipping koalas/kangaroo but I reckon these key holders are more practical. 😉  In my humble opinion, the clipping koalas or kangaroos are getting too common in Malaysia nowadays.  I want to give my respondents something special, something that is rather ‘uncommon’ for the time they spent to participate in my study.

Some people argue that giving tokens are akin to ‘bribing’ respondents into participating into your research.  What say you? I believe it is a token for their time and for their contribution, period.  And you might think – whaaaaaaaat, only a key chain?  Well, it is a one and a half page survey, mostly close ended question and may take at most 10 minutes to complete.  And it is all they way from OZ, okay! (Oooohhh, I just hope that they will not be taken by the “Made in China” label somewhere on the key chain…).  Emo lah pulak aku nih, mcm orang menjengah kat blog nie pun. Hehehe. 

Oh, changed my mind about putting them in a padded bag. Although the bag is tough and able to hold the weight of the items, the nice lady at the post shop advised otherwise. Imagine, she said, a 20kg parcel is stacked on top of your parcel and we don’t provide fragile services…  With that caution, I decided to transfer them into a box which, according to the lady, is more reliable for the kind of consignment that I had in it. Anyway, the souvenirs are on their way to Kuching now and should be there between 3-5 days’ time.

With that out of my hand, Afyq, anjang is counting on you now!